Chestnut Advisory Group Launches the Chestnut Solutions InstituteTM To Help Strengthen the Investment Solutions Industry

The Institute will serve as an independent research forum, collaborating with and educating all stakeholders about the capabilities and benefits of investment solutions

(Naples, FL), May 31, 2023—Chestnut Advisory Group, LLC, a boutique strategy consultant dedicated to asset managers and investment solutions providers, announces the launch of the Chestnut Solutions Institute, an independent research based forum designed to help strengthen the rapidly-growing investment solutions industry. The increasingly wide range of investment solutions businesses today includes multi-asset products, OCIO businesses, investment models and bespoke risk- and return- enhancing services.

The Chestnut Solutions Institute’s mission is to help the solutions industry establish and promote strong standards and norms, and to educate the entire solutions ecosystem (providers, investors, asset managers and other service partners) about the capabilities and benefits of investment solutions. The Institute will use a three-pronged approach:

  • Market research and thought leadership into key solutions business issues, challenges and opportunities
  • Peer-to-peer forums to develop and promote industry standards, transparency and best practices
  • Effective public education, visibility and impact, to develop widespread understanding of the investment solutions industry by all stakeholders

“Despite the industry’s rapid growth, we think it’s only in the third inning of its evolution and value proposition. The increasing complexity of the markets and investor objectives presents a tremendous opportunity for solutions providers to add value, but this requires a robust and sustainable ecosystem, which we think the Institute can help develop,” said Ravi Venkataraman, Managing Partner of Chestnut Advisory Group.

Although investor demand for holistic solutions has never been higher (Chestnut forecasts Global OCIO AUA will grow from $2.6 T in 2022 to over $4T in 2026), both solutions providers and investors are hampered by critical challenges and lack of understanding, hindering the industry’s further growth:

  • Low investor awareness of the full spectrum of solutions products and services that can effectively meet their diverse needs
  • A lack of standards, best practices and value measurement, all necessary precursors of the clarity and investor trust a sustainable investment industry marketplace requires
  • The lack of transparency and a forum for collaboration for the investment solutions provider community

As a membership-based independent research institute, the Institute will provide market intelligence and insight that solutions providers and their clients cannot find elsewhere, such as the article Defining Investment Solutions, published today. In conjunction with this article, the Institute today also announced its first webinar on June 20 to help educate the marketplace on this crucially important defining solutions topic.

“Chestnut’s strategy consulting and market research work with leading asset managers has driven our increasing focus on the investment solutions industry over the last five years.  As an independent firm we think we are well placed to facilitate collaboration among the solutions provider community for the benefit of all stakeholders, including end investors,” said Amanda Tepper, Managing Partner of Chestnut Advisory Group.

The Institute will be guided by an Advisory Council representing solutions industry leaders from a variety of disciplines, backgrounds, and identities. The Council will provide direction, share input on research prioritization, and establish standards of excellence for adherence.

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