The Chestnut Solutions InstituteTM

An independent forum for investment solutions providers and their partners, dedicated to advancing the future of the investment solutions industry

Solutions providers and investors are limited by the industry’s current lack of standards, norms, and transparency. This inhibits investors from understanding the wide range of valuable capabilities available to them and easily selecting the solutions provider who is best aligned with their needs and objectives.

The Chestnut Solutions InstituteTM’s independent market research and thought leadership provides greater clarity to this valuable industry segment, benefiting investors, providers and the solutions ecosystem at large.

The Institute offers Full Membership and Research Membership options to firms across the investment solutions industry.


new DIS Report

The Defining Investment Solutions Report is Here!

The Defining Investment Solutions report represents an important milestone in the Institute’s mission to help advance the investment solutions industry. The new definitions and frameworks we propose in this report aim to help the solutions industry move toward the widely-accepted standards and norms enjoyed by other, more mature industry segments.
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CSI is Pleased to Recognize our Founding Members

As the Chestnut Solutions Institute begins our second year as an independent forum for participants in the globally expanding investment solutions industry, we would like to publicly thank our founding Advisory Council members for their leadership, engagement and support of the Institute. Our founding members’ dynamism and strong spirit of collaboration provide a strong bedrock for the investment solutions industry and the Institute’s growth in 2024 and beyond.

The Shape of Solutions in 2024

Expectations for the capital markets in 2024 and beyond vary widely. The increasing market complexity and volatility are the primary reasons investors continue to seek investment solutions of all types, from multi-asset products to full portfolio management by OCIOs.


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