Membership Benefits

The Institute will serve as a transparent, industry-backed forum to identify and address issues critical to solutions providers, their clients and partners.

Value of Membership to Your Firm

Accelerate Your Business Development

  • Accelerate the expansion of the market for investment solutions and outsourcing by raising awareness amongst key buyers across existing and emerging market segments.
  • Increase buying activity across market segments by directly educating prospective buyers on the various OCIO and solutions models and key benefits of each.
  • Differentiate your firm from the competition by demonstrating your commitment, knowledge and expertise in investment outsourcing and solutions through your membership and participation in the Institute.  Members can share their Institute role with prospects and clients via RFPs, due diligence responses and finals presentations.

Enhance Your Firm’s and Your Personal Reputation

  • Establish your firm as a knowledgeable, expert provider in the marketplace by participating in the Institute’s research and its distribution to the membership and the marketplace.
  • Raise visibility for you and your organization through active participation in the Institute via carefully curated Institute events, speaking engagements, published research and PR.
  • Build an influential, unified voice in the marketplace by establishing standards, transparency and best practices that are provider led rather than inefficiently intermediated by disparate third party providers.

Deepen Your Solutions Industry Understanding and Relationships

  • Learn about existing and emerging market segments and how to approach these by sharing best practices and interacting with peers.
  • Efficiently educate all your internal stakeholders via access to Institute research, webinars and networking events.
  • Establish and enhance personal relationships with key solutions business leaders and senior people in the solutions and OCIO ecosystem – asset managers, consultants, plan sponsors and professional buyers. 
  • Lower your cost of sales by communicating directly with intermediaries and buyers and promoting better understanding of outsourcing and solutions.
  • Have a seat at the table where the latest developments and innovation in the solutions space are discussed.


For information on the Solutions Institute, contact our Executive Director Michele Browne at