The Institute will achieve its goals by providing:

Thought leadership and research

We conduct and publish for our members timely market research into issues affecting solutions businesses and investors

Peer-to-peer forums

We host in person and virtual member forums promoting dialog, understanding and transparency amongst our members

Public Education

We aim to help grow the investment solutions market by publicizing our research and hosting exclusive public events directly engaging solutions buyers and intermediaries

Both Solutions Providers and Investors Are Limited by the Industry’s Current Lack of Standards, Norms, and Transparency

This inhibits investors from easily selecting the right solutions provider who is aligned with their needs and objectives.  While other more mature investment industry segments enjoy standards and norms that create clarity and investor trust, the investment solutions industry’s current range of models and capabilities are poorly defined and poorly understood today. To address these challenges we have established the Chestnut Solutions InstituteTM

For information on the Solutions Institute, contact our Executive Director Michele Browne at