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Future of Investments

As the investment industry faces unprecedented challenges, Chestnut Advisory Group and Pensions & Investments have partnered to conduct comprehensive research into the issues impacting the future of the investment industry, your organization, and your career. We are pleased to present our Future of Investments project, which has yielded a trove of surprising insights.  We are taking our classic Chestnut approach to create our Future of Investments content:  creating actionable insights that will help investment firms seeking profitable growth, grounded in real market data.  Our entire suite of research and analysis, with scheduled release dates throughout the Fall of 2021 and Winter of 2022, is outlined below.

Investment M&A – Bigger Isn’t Necessarily Better

In our strategic growth engagements with investment firms we often analyze acquisitions and divestitures. Our report examines the trends driving these transactions and the many hurdles to successful deal execution.

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Source:  Chestnut Advisory Group

The Growth of OCIO

An overwhelming majority (70%) of OCIO research participants forecast higher growth over the next two years – a 40% increase over the last year.  Our report will analyze how industry participants can position themselves to benefit from this growth, as well as the surprising factors driving OCIO selection (hint: it isn’t performance!).

Source: Chestnut Advisory Group


Integrating ESG factors into investments and addressing investors’ interest in the industry’s DEI efforts are both top-of-mind issues facing the investment industry today.  While any widely-accepted industry ESG and DEI standards are nascent today, our last two articles in this series identify best practices asset managers can use to address investors’ needs and profitably grow their business.

Source:  Chestnut Advisory Group

Research Methodology


Chestnut Advisory Group, in partnership with Pensions & Investments’ Content Solutions, has conducted an original survey of more than 450 asset managers, institutional investors, registered investment advisors, and consultants on key trends impacting the future of the asset management industry. Fielded in the summer of 2021, the initiative includes a series of webinars on major themes from the survey, including M&A trends, OCIO mandates, and the prevalence of ESG investing approaches.


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Source: Chestnut Advisory Group