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Back to Basics: Client-Centered Solutions with Samantha Davidson of Mercer

Samantha Davidson of Mercer joined us to discuss the top factors creating world-class, client-centered solutions, and how Mercer has implemented them.


January 31, 2023

Back to Basics: Trust and Governance with Steve Charlton of NEPC

Steve Charlton of NEPC joins us to discuss research and insights around how to cultivate trust with investors and consultants, an activity that is critically important in times of turbulent markets.


November 15, 2022

Report from the Front: Callan’s Current DEI and ESG Approach

OCIOs like Callan are on the ‘front lines’ today, helping investors determine how best to address DEI and ESG factors in their investment policies.  Please join us as we take 30 minutes to discuss Callan’s approach to advising their clients on these important issues.


July 27, 2022 2pm Eastern

Making the Most of the DEI Growth Opportunity

Allocators are increasingly seeking to better understand asset managers’ DEI efforts.  In this webinar we will draw on our latest research to explore how asset managers and OCIOs can best respond, by treating the manager’s DEI approach as an enormous growth opportunity for their entire business.​​​


May 19, 2022

ESG Is Not GIPS: An Authentic ESG Philosophy Is Now Mandatory

In this webinar, moderated by Pensions and Investments’ Nikki Pirello, our CEO Amanda Tepper will join Meredith Jones, Aon’s Global Head of ESG, and Chris Whitehouse, Head of ESG at T. Rowe Price to explore how asset managers can best navigate rapidly-evolving investor demands to integrate ESG factors into their investment process.​​​


March 22, 2022

The Implications of OCIO Market Growth with Aon’s Ed Bardowski

We will discuss some of the findings from our recent report, The Widespread Impact of OCIO Growth, with Aon’s Ed Bardowski.  Our conversation will include:​​​

– Why are so many types of institutional investors moving to OCIO?
– What are OCIO clients’ top concerns today?
– How can asset managers best partner with OCIOs?

February 17, 2022

The Widespread Impact of OCIO Growth 

In this webinar, we will delve into the widespread impact of the rapidly-growing OCIO marketplace. In addition to Brad Alford, Founder of Alpha Capital, we’re delighted to announce Samantha Davidson, US OCIO Segment Leader at Mercer, will be joining our panel.

November 18, 2021

The Future of Investments: M&A – Bigger Isn’t Necessarily Better 

In this webinar, we discussed our Future of Investments research on investment firm M&A with Keith Mote of Mercer and Javier Enrile of TIAA.  We cover in detail industry changes driving increased M&A activity, the types of asset manager deals that are the most (and least) likely to succeed, and the main hurdles M&A transactions must overcome to be successful.

September 21, 2021

The Future of Investments: A First Look at Our Research Findings 

As the investment industry faces unprecedented challenges, Chestnut and P&I partnered to conduct comprehensive research into the issues impacting the future of our industry. Chestnut CEO Amanda Tepper provides a first look into how a wide range of industry groups are thinking about crucial issues, including M&A across the industry, the growth of OCIO, and incorporating ESG into investment businesses.

August 17, 2021

One Year In, Part 3: Asset Manager Report from the Front: Breckinridge Capital Advisors and Hancock Natural Resource Group 

In part three of our ‘One Year In’ webinar series, we discuss how distribution leaders Sydney McConathy of Hancock Natural Resource Group and Dominica Ribeiro of Breckinridge Capital have successfully steered their relationships with investors and consultants through the pandemic and beyond.

April 29, 2021, 1pm eastern

One Year In, Part 2: An OCIO Report from the Front with Samantha Davidson of Mercer

In part two of our ‘One Year In’ webinar series, examining the state of the investment industry 12 months after the pandemic began, we will speak with Samantha Davidson, head of Mercer’s U.S. OCIO business. Samantha will discuss new business growth trends, how her team is planning for reopening, and the increasing client interest in ESG and DEI investing.

April 8, 2021, 1pm eastern

One Year In, Part 1: An OCIO Report from the Front with Chris Philips of Vanguard

This is the first webinar in our new series, “One Year In”, examining the state of the investment industry at this point in the COVID pandemic. Chris Philips, head of Vanguard’s OCIO business, will discuss how he has navigated his team over the last year through the transition to an all-remote work environment, adding private equity to their platform, and driving growth in an increasingly crowded and competitive marketplace.  How have things changed as a result of the global pandemic?  What new challenges are coming?

March 23, 2021, 1pm eastern

The Institutionalization of Retail, Part Two: How to Partner with Retail Allocators Today

December 8, 2020

Chestnut Webinar: The Institutionalization of Retail, A Conversation with David Wong of CIBC

In this webinar, our team will speak with CIBC Asset Management’s Managing Director of Investment Management Research, David Wong, CFA, FRM. We’ll discuss his thinking about the changes taking place as a result of the ongoing Institutionalization of Retail, how these changes are creating opportunity in the retail subadvisory space, and what his team seeks in new subadvisory relationships.

January 21, 2021, 1pm eastern

Chestnut Webinar: How to Impress Today’s Retail Intermediaries: A Conversation with David Pappalardo of Segal Marco

Amanda Tepper and Simon Segall of Chestnut will talk with David Pappalardo, SVP and Advisor Solutions Group Practice Leader at Segal Marco, about best practices for managers who want to stand out in the retail intermediary space.

December 3, 2020, 1pm eastern

The Institutionalization of Retail, Part One: How to Position your Firm for Success

P&I’s Greg Crawford led a discussion with our CEO Amanda Tepper and Paige Scott from Kingsley Gate about how firms can navigate the institutionalization of retail and reposition themselves for fundraising success.

November 17, 2020

Chestnut Webinar: Consultant Report from the Front – Winning Intermediary Mandates: David Hyman of Mercer

Amanda Tepper and Simon Segall of Chestnut talk with David Hyman, who leads Mercer’s financial intermediaries segment in the United States, about how managers can benefit from the Institutionalization of Retail.

November 12, 2020, 3pm eastern

Chestnut Webinar: OCIO Report from the Front – Boutique OCIOs Disciplina and Wespath

Amanda Tepper, will have a discussion with Matthew Wright, Founder and President of Disciplina and Joe Halwax, Managing Director, Institutional Investment Services of Wespath. The discussion will explore how boutique OCIOs select asset managers, and how their approaches may differ from those at giant OCIOs.

October 15, 2020, 1pm eastern

Chestnut Webinar: OCIO Report from the Front – Stephen Beinhacker of SEI

Join Chestnut’s Amanda Tepper, CEO, and Natalie Marvi-Romeo, Senior Advisor, as they discuss manager research with Stephen Beinhacker, Managing Director and Global Head of Manager Research at SEI

Sept 24, 2020, 1pm eastern

Maples Group: OCIO Market Spotlight – Increased Investor Focus and Due Diligence

Amanda Tepper, Panelist

July 23, 2020

Chestnut Webinar: OCIO Report from the Front: Russell Investments

A discussion with Andrew Kitchen and John Forrest of Russell Investments on client service and manager due diligence in the post-crisis world.

July 15, 2020

Chestnut Webinar: OCIO and Consultant Views for a Post-COVID World

Our team will be discussing results from our recent survey of leading consultants and OCIOs for their view on how their clients’ needs – and their own – have changed in the last six dramatic months.

June 25, 2020

Chestnut Webinar: OCIO Report from the Front – Chris Philips of Vanguard

A discussion with Chris Philips, Head of Vanguard Institutional Advisory Services

June 16, 2020

Chestnut Webinar: OCIO Report from the Front: Greg Calnon of Goldman Sachs

Greg talks to us about issues he’s facing today, including crisis communication with OCIO clients, opportunistic investments under consideration, and how asset managers can best partner with Goldman Sachs.

May 20, 2020

II: CFO/COO Improving the Client Experience: Enabling a Digital Strategy

Panel Moderator Amanda Tepper

May 20, 2020

FRA: Mastering Client Services and RFPs for Institutional Investors

Successful Strategies to Improve Your Current Due Diligence Process

Panel Moderator Amanda Tepper

May 14 – 15, 2020

Chestnut Webinar: Best Practices for a Brave New World: Coaching Your Way to Growth

Due to the pandemic, investors’ needs and interests have changed. We share insights about how to use our coaching approach to meet growth goals in today’s new market.

May 13, 2020

Chestnut Webinar: OCIO Report from the Front: David Eisenberg of Cambridge Associates

David answers questions about OCIO growth during the COVID era, investors’ biggest current portfolio issues, and what consultants want most from asset managers right now .

April 15, 2020

Virtual Chief Marketer Roundtable: Crisis Marketing

The Secret to Managing Internal Resources, Stakeholders, and Frenemies

Panel Moderator Amanda Tepper

April 30, 2020

New York, NY

Fund Intelligence Leaders’ Summit

February 25, 2020


New York, NY

II Chief Marketer Roundtable

Chestnut partnered with Institutional Investor on custom research for the Second Annual Chief Marketer Institute, and presented findings around key institutional marketing strategy trends and best practices within asset management.

February 2020

Miami, FL

PMAC National Conference

Developing the Consultant Distribution Channel

Amanda Tepper, Moderator

November 13, 2019

Toronto, Canada

AIMSE 2019 Fall Conference

Institutionalization of Wealth Management: RIAs/Family Offices

Amanda Tepper, Panelist

October 17, 2019

New York, New York

Troutman Sanders Annual Private Funds Forum

Amanda Tepper moderated a panel on manager best practices in operating due diligence.

September 26, 2019

New York, New York

Chestnut Event: Institutionalization of Retail

Blackstone’s Head of Private Wealth, Joan Solotar joined our CEO Amanda Tepper to discuss how Blackstone is successfully navigating the increasing institutionalization of the retail channel.

September 16, 2019

New York

P&I Content Marketing Workshop: Are You Experienced?

Amanda Tepper discussed Chestnut’s exclusive market research findings in her presentation Engaging with institutional investors: Ensuring your Content is Heard

September 10, 2019

Chicago, IL

September 12, 2019

New York

PMAC Institutional Client Services Network

Investment Databases – Optimizing Their Strategic Use

Amanda Tepper, Speaker

June 5, 2019

Toronto, Canada

AIMSE 42nd Annual Marketing & Sales Conference

Outsourced CIO, The Next Chapter

April 28 – April 30, 2019

Arizona Biltmore
Phoenix, AZ

FRA 27th Sub-Advised Funds Forum

Discretionary Management: The Quickening Race Towards Opportunity in OCIOs

Amanda Tepper, Moderator

April 10 – 11, 2019

The Princeton Club
New York, NY

FRA Mastering Client Services and RFPs for Institutional Investors

Strategies and Policies for Managing Client Communication

Amanda Tepper, Panelist

Insider Insights on What Makes A Winning RFP Response – And What Doesn’t

Amy Pramer, Moderator

March 28 – 29, 2019

The Harmonie Club
New York, NY

eVestment EI3 Conference

Database Marketing – A Strategic Advantage

Amy Pramer, Presenter

March 18 – 20, 2019

Atlanta, GA

The Secret to Building Your OCIO Business

Amanda Tepper, Moderator

March 5, 2019

Dorsey & Whitney LLP
New York, NY

100 Women in Finance

OCIO: Opportunities and Implications from the Growth of Outsourced Chief Investment Officers

Amanda Tepper, Moderator

February 28, 2019

New York, NY

CI Institutional Asset Management: 3rd Annual Canadian Institutional Investor Symposium

The Evolving Asset Management Industry

Amanda Tepper, Moderator

February 13, 2019

Toronto, ON

Institutional Investor

Chief Marketer Institute
State of Play: Chief Marketer Institute/Chestnut Advisory Asset Management Marketing Study

Amanda Tepper, Presenter

February 4 – 6, 2019

Miami, FL

Roundtable for Consultants & Institutional Investors

The Clashes of Asset Management

Amanda Tepper, Panelist

October 2 – 5, 2018

Four Seasons Hotel
Chicago, IL

FRA 26th Sub-Advised Fund Forum

Optimizing Returns – Optimizing Returns via Successful Relationships and Strategies in Sub-Advised and Multi-Managed Funds

Amanda Tepper, Panelist

September 12 – 13, 2018

Omni Parker House Boston
Boston, MA

OCIO Solutions Summit

Avoiding Conflicts of Interest

Amanda Tepper, Panelist

June 13, 2018

The Stamford Hilton Hotel
Stamford, CT

Maximum Results for RFPs and Client Services for Institutional Asset Managers

What’s Your Story? Responses that Get the Views and Ways to Close the Deal

Amy Pramer, Panelist

May 16 – 17, 2018

The Princeton Club
New York, NY

FRA 25th Annual Sub-Advised Fund Forum

Outsourced CIOs – What’s the Demand in the Institutional Space and How are OCIOs Selecting Sub-Advisors?

Amanda Tepper, Panelist

April 23 – 24, 2018

The Wyndham New Yorker
New York, NY

Partnering with an OCIO: Opportunities and Risks

Amanda Tepper, Moderator

March 27, 2018

Westport, CT

FRA 7th Annual OCIO and Investment Outsourcing Summit

Wait, How Much? Gaining a Better Understanding of Fees

Amanda Tepper, Panelist

March 20 – 21, 2018

The Princeton Club
New York, NY

Institutional Investor Senior Delegates Roundtable

Not Your Parents’ Distribution Channel

Amanda Tepper, Panelist

February 7 – 9, 2018

Miami, FL

Partnering with an OCIO: Opportunities and Risks

Amanda Tepper, Panelist

January 23, 2018

New York, NY