Chestnut’s Investor Education Programs Drive Asset Flows

The data are clear: There is an unambiguous link between strong investor education programs that build investor trust, and the growth of asset management firms. Our research shows trusted asset managers:

  • Raise over four times more capital than top investment performers
  • Are hired 3-12 months more quickly
  • Are retained 3-12 months longer
  • Have clients that are easier to up-sell and cross-sell

Outstanding investor content that builds trust is a critical tool for successful asset managers.

Most Managers’ Stories Sound the Same

Is the Manager’s Value Proposition Differentiated?

Percentage of Respondents who Agree/Disagree with the statement
“This message is differentiated.”*

Source: DeSantis Breindel
*Both 18% of asset managers and 18% of investment consultants responded neutrally. Data does not add up to 100% due to rounding.

Services Include:

  • Effective Value Proposition(s)
  • Thought Leadership Program Design
  • Thought Leadership Content Creation
  • Effective Performance Discussions

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