Case Studies

Chestnut is a premier advisor to all types of world-class managers, including real estate, private equity, long-only, hedge funds and OCIOs. We’ve helped managers both large and small with their go-to-market strategies relating to the firms’ strategy, content and implementation.

Poor Asset Flows Despite Outstanding Performance

Challenge: Strong Performance, No AUM Growth

Leading Hedge Fund

Research Reveals Dissatisfied Clients and How to Win Them Back

Challenge: Investor Temperature Check

Global Insurance-Owned Real Estate Manager

Identifying the Right Target Investors Leads to AUM Growth

Challenge: No Institutional Interest

Regional Multi-Family Office

Insurance Boutique Pivots to Third Party Investor Business

Challenge: High Turnover, No Independent Identity

U.S. Private Debt Manager, Owned by Top U.S. Insurance Company

Brilliant Insights, Unheard

Challenge: Low Investor Interest Despite High Content Volume

Global Real Asset Manager