Back to Basics

A Guidepost for Asset Managers in Turbulent Times

It is a turbulent time for the investment management industry. Destabilizing global geopolitical and economic developments are stressing the capital markets and upending asset managers’ business plans.

To help asset managers and OCIOs successfully navigate this difficult marketplace, we’ve created this Back to Basics series examining the research insights we have found are key to successful investment manager growth.


Back to Basics Starts with the Golden Circle

The philosophy underpinning our strategic growth advisory work is what we call The Golden Circle of Asset Management (described in detail here). In this Back to Basics series we examine key steps asset managers can take to excel in each element of the Golden Circle.

Outer Ring - What

What do your target investors want?

Middle Ring - How

How can your firm deliver?

Golden Circle - Why

Why should investors hire you?


Why Should Investors Hire You?

Trust is critical in the investor’s decision to select and retain an asset manager. Trust is the intersection of competence and warmth and our research shows that managers who overemphasize competence may actually be perceived as smart but not really trustworthy.

M&A Bar Graph

Source:  Chestnut Advisory Group

How Can Your Firm Deliver?

An optimal blend of competence and warmth can be projected only if it comes from a deep understanding of the target client throughout the organization and a relentless effort to deliver authentic value to your clients every day.

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Source:  Chestnut Advisory Group

What Do Your Target Investors Want?

Addressing what clients want is the most visible, powerful and yet vulnerable part of the investor-manager relationship. This is also the most rapidly evolving aspect of the investment industry.

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Source:  Chestnut Advisory Group

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